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PP Multifilament Rope (Polypropylene) - 80% Nylon - PPM

Polypropylene multifilament (PPM) ropes are soft; hold knots well, and are suitable for activities like camping and yachting.


Polypropylene multifilament rope is a type of synthetic rope made from multiple strands of polypropylene fibers that are twisted or braided together. The fibers are thin and fine, creating a rope that has a soft feel and is flexible.


Their softness makes them suitable ropes for cable railings and industrial uses. They consist of a stronger kind of polypropylene composed of thin, soft fibers which looks similar to nylon. The basic colour is white.

PP Multifilament Rope (Polypropylene) - 80% Nylon - PPM

Colour: White
    • 4mm to 36mm: 3 Strands
    • 40mm to 120mm: 8 Strands

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