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Avian Non-Sag Epoxy

Avian Non-Sag Epoxy is a 2-component epoxy glue that contains filler so that it can be used as a putty. 


This product is specially formulated for repairing wooden and iron ships. Avian Non-Sag Epoxy is very suitable for use as an adhesive to seal cracks or damage, both in damp and wet conditions.


Surface Preparation

Clean the surface to be applied from dust, dirt, oil or material that easily peels off.


How to use

  1. Mix enough Avian NON-Sag Epoxy Resin and Hardener in a ratio of 1: 1 part
  2. Mix well
  3. Apply Avian NON-Sag mixture evenly on the surface. Wipe off excess glue while the mixture is wet.
  4. Finish the Avian NON-Sag mixture within 30 minutes after mixing for easy application
  5. Let it dry for at least 4 hours before sanding & the surface is ready for the next application
  6. Avoid rough handling before completely dry +/- 24 hours/ overnight

Avian Non-Sag Epoxy

  • 24 to 30 Hours

  • 1 : 1

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