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Established since 1970, Honly Co. (Pte) Ltd and its Gold Coin Brand has been supplying businesses across the region with the import and exports of all kinds of ropes made of polyethylene, polypropylene mono/ multi/ danline, nylon, nylon mono braided, kuralon, polyester and sisal ropes; twines on spool or in hank made of polyethylene, nylon multi; all kinds of nets such as fishing net made of polyethylene, nylon, nylon monofilament, construction safety, anti fall, sun shade, cargo, separation, road barrier, plastic fencing, sports, casting, trammel nets, bird nettings; fishing floats and hooks; also, hot dipped galvanised mild steel chain, boat nails, iron wire hexagon wire netting, tarpaulin, etc.

Sole agent for supplying and trading of agricultural nettings, construction safety nets, fishing nets and equipment, stainless steel shackle, swivel, chain, nylon ropes, galvanized wire nettings, fencing nets, sports net.


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