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Monofilament Casting Net (Complete Set)

Mono does not absorb water and it tangles less than monofilament. Monofilament sinks faster in the water than nylon. Always buy nets made of monofilament. Monofilament is less visible in the water also.


Mesh size impacts the size of baitfish that you can catch and how quickly the net sinks in the water.


Bottom pockets help contain the catch while the net is being hauled up.

Monofilament Casting Net (Complete Set)

  • Diameter (mm) Mesh Size (inches) Depth (feet)
    0.25 0.75 9
    0.25 0.75 10
    0.25 0.75 12
    0.25 0.75 8
    0.30 0.75 8
    0.30 0.75 10
    0.35 1 to 1.5 14


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